Every almond is
handled with care

at every stage of the process.


From Butters to Candied,
Fava Beans to Edamame

Our products always satisfy consumer demand.


Our services are
second to none

And we pride ourselves on this
commitment to every customer


Offering a wide variety
of savory almonds

There’s a product for every taste.

Northside Food Corp. 

Northside Food Corporation is a value added nut processor located on the same campus as our sister company, Rolling Hills Nut Co. NFC offers various nut customization processes including, nut butters, oil roasting, dry roasting, savory, and candied nut items. At Northside Food Corp. we strive to offer services that go beyond the clients expectations. Our state of the art equipment enables us to quickly and efficiently process orders as well as customize product to our clients needs.

Conscientious stewards of our land with a focus on sustainability. 

Food safety is important for us. Because your customers are our customers.

Sweet, Savory or Value-Added,
Northside Food Corp has it all.